Medical Records


How To Request Your Records

It has been my pleasure being your physician and I know changing physicians can be a difficult process.   I will attempt to make the process as easy as possible.  With regard to your medical records under my care, I will be the custodian of your medical records indefinitelyYou may request a copy of your entire medical record at any time.  Even after I leave Los Angeles and relocate to Palm Springs, I will have your medical records in my possession at all times.   Since I founded Terra Nova Medical Group in 1999 all my medical records have been kept and maintained electronically.  

Electronic copies of your medical record will be provided to you for Free for E-mail delivery or CD-ROM PickUP  If you request your medical record be mailed to you on CD-ROM a $4 postage and handling fee will be charged. 

You may request your medical records directly from me in one of three ways:

There will be NO PRINTED copies of your medical records, in order to prevent the waste of paper and to be kind to the environment the only way you can obtain your medical records is on CD-ROM or electronically via e-mail as a secure encrypted PDF document.

All prior hard copies attached to your medical record, including consultation notes, lab reports, radiology reports etc have been scanned and added to your medical record.   If you would like a printed copy of your record we suggest you take the CD-ROM to Kinkos/FedEx or some similar store where you can print out a copy for yourself.

#1 Electronically by E-mail:

#2 Receive a CD-ROM by Mail:

You can have a copy of your records mailed on CD-ROM to yourself or to your new health care provider AT ANYTIME by sending a signed and dated release which you can download by clicking this link: HIPPACompliantRelease.pdf.  Your request must include your first & last name and date of birth, along with a check for $4  to cover postage & handling made out to Alex del Rosario, MD.  Please include the name and address of the healthcare provider to whom you’d like your records sent.  If you would like your records mail to yourself, please indicate that on your request.  Please also include your telephone number.  If your address on file doesn’t match we will need to contact you by phone for verification.

You can also pay the $4 charge for the CD-ROM for your personal medical record via PayPay

You can receive your record via e-mail as a secure PDF file, per HIPPA regulations the file must be encrypted, and you must be able to receive a large file, some e-mail providers limit the size of incoming e-mails.  The files size may sometimes be upward of 200 Mb or more depending on the size of your records.   Send your E-mail request to we must have your valid e-mail address already on-file for security verification purposes. 

You can also provide us with our e-mail on your next office visit and request your records be sent  to you electronically.

Receive your Medical Record at no cost to you.

Handling Fee of $4