relocated to Palm Springs


After 16 years in practice in Los Angeles, my medical practice in Los Angeles is now closed.

I’ve completed the relocation process and I am now currently practicing in Palm Springs, CA.  If you would like to be seen in the Palm Springs office please call (760) 834-7930 to set up an appointment. Please be aware that same day appointment may not always be available, and I’m generally booked 3-4 weeks in advance in my Palm Springs office so a little bit more advanced planning may be required.  


Alex del Rosario, MD

After 16 years in practice in Los Angeles...

I’ve relocated to Palm Springs.


Alex del Rosario, MD

Eisenhower - Internal medicine

4791 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 200

Palm Springs, CA 92264

Tel: (760) 834-7950

Fax: (760) 834-7951

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Los Angeles office now closed.

  1. If you are still looking for a local Los Angeles physician to take over your care please see my list of LOCAL REFERRALS.

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