Rx Refills


Prescription Refills

I will no longer be able to refill medications for Los Angeles patients (who have not been seen in the Palm Springs office), starting on January 1, 2013.  

You must establish with a local, Los Angeles, physician to get your prescriptions refilled.  

Please seen the list of LOCAL REFERRALS.

If you are uncertain of your medication list, names or dosages, our medical record system keeps track of your medications, and will be included when you request your medical records.

Patients who require controlled substance prescriptions will need to either obtain the prescription from the originating physician (if I did not originate the prescription)  

- OR -

Establish with a new physician (please see the list of LOCAL REFERRALS).

For my Los Angeles patients who have elected to continue to see me in Palm Springs at Eisenhower Internal Medicine, I will continue to be able to refill your prescriptions once you’ve been seen in the Palm Springs office. 

For an appointment call: 760-834-7930.  Please note, that same day office visits are not always available, and I am generally booked 3-4 weeks in advance (especially during the Winter high season), so a little more advanced planning may be required. 

Your pharmacies can send Fax refill requests to:  Fax: (760) 834-7951 the Palm Springs office.

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